Solar Panels

Green Energy in the Home

Green energy generally means that your electricity supply is coming from renewable sources, such as wind power or hydroelectric power.

There are a variety of different green tariffs and packages available in London through both mainstream energy suppliers and green energy specialists.

BBS Plumb and Heat can provide you with all the information you require. They also provide various services in North and West London that can make your home greener and more efficient with their team of highly qualified staff including;

Government Schemes

Some schemes will supply you with "pure" green energy directly generated by renewable means such as wind turbines.

Other schemes provide you with energy generated from a traditional fossil-fuel based source but, in turn, put the equivalent amount of energy you use back into the national grid elsewhere from renewable sources.

Finally, some tariffs will still supply you with conventionally-generated energy but make contributions to environmental projects on a regular basis as a way of offsetting the energy you use.

As concern over environmental protection and global warming increases, innovative new alternative energy products such as PV solar panels are constantly being introduced to the market.

On top of the environmental reasons for this, there are also many other reasons driving the design and manufacture of eco-friendly products to take the place of traditional energy resources.

The scientific research states that the current rate of consumption of non-renewable resources will soon see them all exhausted in the not too distant future.

So the times demand action from us, and alternatives that might preserve the non-renewable resources we have left, and satisfy our ever growing need for power.

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